About Us

Ariu for Consultancy and Training ‘ACT’ is a private leading company, established in 2017 to serve the community and the corporate with the best business solutions.

ACT seeks to have a role in developing society by designing workshops, implementing projects and organizing trainings for individuals and for organizations.

Why choosing ACT?

We have been known as “ACT” (Ariu for Consultancy and Training), we are collaborating with national and international partners to merge the local experience and the global market knowledge.

ACT helps the companies and organizations to achieve their ambitious projects and build their capacities.

Our services include training development, projects management and community development.

Organizational Vision

To see a society capable of developing and utilizing its resources efficiently, and accomplishing its goals professionally.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build the capacities and develop the skills of the society, through raising awareness, promoting communication, knowledge, and expertise and building bridges.


We believe:

That every person has a value and deserves recognition,

In working with people not for people (the importance of the active involvement of each person in identifying, and dealing with, his/her needs), and Teamwork

In the value of partnerships and mutual work,

In creativity and innovation

Diversifying the financial resources of the organization.