Game Design

Game Design

Ariu for consultancy and training organized a game design workshop in collaboration with Makouk, to develop a new educational card game.

Makouk is a game design agency that offered us experienced facilitators, to generate the participants with the ideas, and information needed about designing, creating and implementing a new game from scratch.

The workshop gathered some participants from different cities all over Egypt, to use all thoughts and cultures in our game.

It was also full of useful sessions about game design, the sessions started with an introduction about the game design elements, the game story and game development, then the facilitators took the participants to an advanced phase by introducing the dynamics, aesthetics and mechanics. By the end of the workshop, every group created a game with its own rules, and then the groups started testing their games, and collecting feedback.

Finally, the participants designed it, and now we have an educational card game ACTIVISTA, produced by ACT and Makouk.