‘Connect’ Retreat 2

After the first round’s huge success in Fayoum in 2021, ACT has decided to launch a second round of “Connect” Retreat. Connect is primarily based on ACT’s concern with the basic dimensions of wellness,both mental and physical. The second round provided the perfect balance between play, rest, movement and slowness.

We gathered 25 participants, aged 21 to 35, and took them on a five day journey from 17 to 21 March 2022 in Dayra camp, Nuweiba, South Sinai. Participants spent their time in bonding and skill-building games, self-exploration sessions, yoga and hip-hop dancing sessions.

Elsewedy Electric 2

For the second year in a row, ACT and “El Sewedy Electric” Company collaborated on organizing a team-building event for one hundred and fifty of El Sewedy’s new batch of employees, with the main objective of working on their communication and listening skills. They also wanted to work on strengthening the ties between them and breaking the chain of authority between employees in various positions. ACT collaborated with the “Tribe of Nomads” (TON), a team building, to be able to perfectly execute the event for the estimated number of participants.

Along with TON, ACT provided various activities and games to strengthen group cohesion and create a positive atmosphere among employees.

The event was held on December 19, 2022 at Tzila camp, El Fayoum, where the camp and the desert provided a wonderful environment and space to carry out the activities in the best way

Design Thinking Workshop

Our design thinking workshop aimed for designing a camp for children, with a group of facilitators from different backgrounds, and for developing the tools needed for the implementation phase.

We were focusing on the diversity of facilitators who will conceptualize new tools and materials, we’ve gathered 11 experts to give their input after receiving the project’s idea.

All the participants have inspired us with their huge experience in their fields, and they’ve showed us a lot of creative ideas and activities that will serve the project.

Laff W Dawaran camp

“Laff W Dawaran” is a summer camp designed for children from the age of 10 to 14 years old. The objective of the camp was to foster a fun and peaceful space that values relationships over competition and well-being over accomplishment. 

By offering various workshops, the camp allowed children to develop their capacities for a dialogue through art, a number of tailored activities and games. A dialogue in which they felt secure, aware and strong enough to speak up, share their struggles more openly, express themselves freely, and connect with each other. It helped children overcome the differences among them and have the ability to think critically before judging or harming others. Also to empathize with others and respect one another.

Laff W Dawaran took place in September 2022 at Borg El Arab. The camp was sponsored by Nour Optronic, Reshape, grain studio, 3ajeen, PuffyPops, Zulu, Flow Creations, and Cle Design Studio.

Facilitation Skills Workshop

The facilitators workshop was designed and implemented to equip 25 youth participants on different skills to facilitate ‘Laff w Dawran camp’. Throughout the four days’ workshop, they were introduced to facilitation skills, child psychology, and child protection. They also explored Laff W Dawaran manual that was designed for the camp, delivered and evaluated its activities to each other during the workshop.

The workshop took place in August 2022 at Borg El Arab Alexandria. The workshop was sponsored by Nour Optronic, Reshape, grain studio, 3ajeen, PuffyPops, Zulu, Flow Creations, and Cle Design Studio.

‘Connect’ Retreat 1

Connect is a retreat that’s designed to offer you a space to recharge, reflect and connect with yourself and with nature. Connect is a safe space for you to dive deeper, dig more into your core within a diverse community.

The retreat took place at Zowara Ecolodge in El Fayoum from Thursday 21st of October to Sunday 24th of October,2021.

Connect welcomes all participants who are ready to go on a transformational journey. The program is designed to balance play and rest, movement and slowness, depth and lightness. A selection of activities that include games, movement and dialogue will be offered during the retreat to spark a connection.

Elsewedy Electric

Ariu for consultancy and training has offered its team building activities service to Elsewedy Electric, to strengthen the team bonding and create a positive atmosphere between the staff members.

Activities such as, Self-Exploration, Team Bonding and Hip Hop dance, were delivered to the employees by our experienced facilitators to break the ice and spread positive vibes between the team members, to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the company.

Our one day event took place at Ahimsa, the venue offered great vibes to implement our activities in the best way.

Capacity Building- Sohag

Our workshop was designed to keep going in our journey as the same workshop was implemented in Alexandria, but this time with a group of youth from Sohag, it was a great idea to live the same experience with a different culture and a different mindset.

We always strive to provide the youth with the tools to help them develop their skills and ideas.

Our experienced consultants delivered several sessions to the participants about conflict resolution and capacity building, to serve their community with their newly gained skills from our workshop.

Ministry of Higher Education

A certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Higher Education presented by the head of Education Sector in the ministry and the head of the Executive Committee for Religious Freedom, Dr. Randa Shaheen and Dr. Mahmoud Fouad, Director General of Religious Education Development, for ACT’s role in the ministry’s training in Sohag.
The certificate was handed over by Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim Hanna, the General Coordinator of Religious Freedom to Mrs. Hala Farid the Executive Director of Ariu for Consultancy and Training.

Arab International Optronic (AIO)

Ariu for Consultancy and Training has provided the Arab International Optronics with its production service, our crew has offered the equipment needed to cover the manufacturing steps in the factory.

The filming process took five straight days, we’ve made 3 videos presenting all the products made by the Arab International Optronics (AIO), and how the steps of manufacturing are running in the organization.

Our videos were presented in a show at Cairo Egypt, the show was attended by the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and this project came within the plans for developing the country.

Game Design

Ariu for consultancy and training organized a game design workshop in collaboration with Makouk, to develop a new educational card game.

Makouk is a game design agency that offered us experienced facilitators, to generate the participants with the ideas, and information needed about designing, creating and implementing a new game from scratch.

The workshop gathered some participants from different cities all over Egypt, to use all thoughts and cultures in our game.

It was also full of useful sessions about game design, the sessions started with an introduction about the game design elements, the game story and game development, then the facilitators took the participants to an advanced phase by introducing the dynamics, aesthetics and mechanics. By the end of the workshop, every group created a game with its own rules, and then the groups started testing their games, and collecting feedback.

Finally, the participants designed it, and now we have an educational card game ACTIVISTA, produced by ACT and Makouk.

Capacity Building- Alexandria

Ariu for consultancy and training designed a workshop to equip the youth with ideas and skills on how to deal with conflicts.

A group of sessions, were delivered for the participants to link their ideas with the tools they can use to serve the society relying on their newly acquired skills during the workshop.

The workshop objective was to gather youth from different backgrounds to help them understand the concept of “Positive Peace Building”. Throughout the workshop, they analyzed the context they are living in.

They understood the sources and the levels of conflicts. They had a deep look on their identity and their circle of belongings. And finally, they worked on some action plans that intends to foster peace in their communities.

Moreover, participants had several practical sessions to cover different important skills such as the social media content creation; what is content, what are the types and forms of social media content. How to design and communicate a clear message in a short movie. How to plan and launch an initiative. And how to deliver a message for kids throw Puppet Theater and stop motion.

Hamzet Wasl

Ariu for Consultancy and Training launched an online awareness program called “Hamzet Wasl” that aimed at exchanging experiences and increasing awareness among parents and teachers about the violence against children and teenagers and its dangers.

It was implemented in partnership between Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Intellectual and Environmental Development Association (EIDA) in the framework of the general policy of the Egyptian state, the plan of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the recommendations of UNICEF to reduce the violence against the children and teenagers.

The program covered several topics such as; social violence, domestic violence, addiction and suicide. Different episodes were filmed by educational experts, psycatrists and psychologists to present the idea of the intergenerational dialogue and the importance of the non-violent communication between teachers, parents and teenagers. In addition, online interactive sessions were facilitated on Zoom by the experts to present to the audience different ways to deal with their teenagers while avoiding all types of violence.

All the episodes were launched on our social media platform Facebook and Youtube.

Peace on Earth

Ariu for Consultancy and Training designed and implemented an online awareness event in order to raise youth awareness about environment related topics. The event was held in partnership with the Environmental and Intellectual Development Association and Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It was attended by 73 university students.

The workshops covered several topics such as Public Health, Sustainable Development, Green Architecture and International Relations.

Participants were also offered artistic workshops such as theater, animation, photography and music to utilize the knowledge they received and share it with others through their artistic creations.

Developing media material as tools to support teaching-learning processes

Ariu for Consultancy and Training customized a series of animation movies as well as info-graphic videos to support a conflict management and resolution training program.

It helped trainers present their manuals effectively. The trainees also could learn and retain information better and for longer duration.

Our team of consultants implemented all elements of movie making; choice of the theme, screenwriting, visual design, editing, voice over, sound and music, directing and animation.

Rights Ambassador

The children were offered a learning experience manifested through two main methodologies: gamification and extracurricular activities. The event was implemented in cooperation with the UNESCO, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, KAYAN foundation and the Environmental and Intellectual Development Association.

The activity intended to raise the students’ awareness about the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child and The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child yet teaching them protective behaviors. We offered an organized and planned activities for eighty seven school students from the age of 9 to 15 years old, boys and girls. The participants were from five different national and international schools.

By offering various workshops during the event, we could help children broaden their perspectives about their own rights. Including their knowledge about their right to association with both parents, human identity as well as the basic needs for physical protection, food, health care, and criminal laws appropriate for the age and development of the child, equal protection of the child’s civil rights, and freedom from discrimination.

Designing camps for capacity building activities

Ariu for Consultancy and Training provided a capacity building activity through a “Practical Application Model for Project Management and Implementation”. The Model is an educational simulation destined to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding of the entrepreneurship concept as well as stimulating their soft skills acquired through the capacity building training. The activity was included in an ideation camp implemented with the “Technical and Vocational Employment and Training project (TVET)” EU funded Project.

Environmental and ecosystem education

To the state and private schools. Incubating environmental grass roots and initiatives’ in Alexandria in cooperation with several NGOs and Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Designing programs for conflict resolution and stabilization

Delivering training programs to build the capacities of the targeted companies and individuals and setting up cross-cutting local support to tailored interventions with international peacekeeping programs.

Designing methodologies to promote peace building

Diversity among the children and youth, through preparing them for an open dialogue as peace builders.  The designed curriculas were used in the implementation of “Kawkab initiative” with the Jesuit Cultural Center and others.

Designing advocacy campaigns

Changing the social misperception about technical education, through creating videos to tell the stories of the project’s beneficiaries, document the project activities and events all over Egypt. Also, launching them on social media with the “Technical and Vocational Employment and Training project (TVET)” EU funded Project. The social media campaigns address the recognition gaps and work on the de-stigmatization of the technical laborers.

Countering violence in the schools

“Anti-Bullying” campaigns and designing psychotherapeutic interventions curricula. Prior to the implementation of the activities numerous expert meetings were held to design a multidimensional curricula engaging all the different members of school’s community in a holistic manner (teachers, students, bus drivers and parents).