Developing media material as tools to support teaching-learning processes

Ariu for Consultancy and Training customized a series of animation movies as well as info-graphic videos to support a conflict management and resolution training program. It helped trainers present their manuals effectively. The trainees also could learn and retain information better and for longer duration. Our team of consultants implemented all elements of movie making; choice of the theme, screenwriting, visual design, editing, voice over, sound and music, directing and animation.

Designing and implementing an awareness two days event about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The children were offered a learning experience manifested through two main methodologies: gamification and extracurricular activities. The event was implemented in cooperation with the UNESCO, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, KAYAN foundation and the Environmental and Intellectual Development Association.

Designing camps for capacity building activities

Ariu for Consultancy and Training provided a capacity building activity through a “Practical Application Model for Project Management and Implementation”. The Model is an educational simulation destined to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding of the entrepreneurship concept as well as stimulating their soft skills acquired through the capacity building training. The activity was included in an ideation camp implemented with the “Technical and Vocational Employment and Training project (TVET)” EU funded Project.

Environmental and ecosystem education

To the state and private schools. Incubating environmental grass roots and initiatives’ in Alexandria in cooperation with several NGOs and Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Designing programs for conflict resolution and stabilization

Delivering training programs to build the capacities of the targeted companies and individuals and setting up cross-cutting local support to tailored interventions with international peacekeeping programs.

Designing methodologies to promote peace building

Diversity among the children and youth, through preparing them for an open dialogue as peace builders.  The designed curriculas were used in the implementation of “Kawkab initiative” with the Jesuit Cultural Center and others.

Designing advocacy campaigns

Changing the social misperception about technical education, through creating videos to tell the stories of the project’s beneficiaries, document the project activities and events all over Egypt. Also, launching them on social media with the “Technical and Vocational Employment and Training project (TVET)” EU funded Project. The social media campaigns address the recognition gaps and work on the de-stigmatization of the technical laborers.

Countering violence in the schools

“Anti-Bullying” campaigns and designing psychotherapeutic interventions curricula. Prior to the implementation of the activities numerous expert meetings were held to design a multidimensional curricula engaging all the different members of school’s community in a holistic manner (teachers, students, bus drivers and parents).