Capacity Building Project

Capacity Building Project

The main objective of this project was raising awareness, and changing the attitudes of influential and active group of youth within two main governorates in Egypt (Alexandria and Sohag).

In Alexandria, we have designed a workshop to equip the youth with ideas and skills on how to deal with conflicts.

A group of sessions, were delivered for the participants to link their ideas with the tools they can use to serve the society relying on their newly acquired skills during the workshop.

We gathered 22 participants from different backgrounds to help them understand the concept of “Positive Peace Building”. Throughout the workshop, they analyzed the context they are living in.

They understood the sources and the levels of conflicts. They had a deep look on their identity and their circle of belongings. And finally, they worked on some action plans that intends to foster peace in their communities.

Moreover, participants had several practical sessions to cover different important skills such as the social media content creation; what is content, what are the types and forms of social media content. How to design and communicate a clear message in a short movie. How to plan and launch an initiative. And how to deliver a message for kids throw Puppet Theater and stop motion.

In Sohag, a workshop was designed to keep going in our journey as the same workshop was implemented in Alexandria, but this time with a group of 24 participants from Sohag, it was a great idea to live the same experience with a different culture and a different mindset.

Our experienced consultants delivered several sessions to the participants about conflict resolution and capacity building, to serve their community with their newly gained skills from our workshop.